In September/2011  I discovered the Beloved Movement.  

The idea behind Beloved photography is that photographers have the power to create positive change by providing space for a person or a couple to rediscover themselves and their relationship

“beloved is about capturing real. honest. moments.”

Beloved was originally thought up by Canadian Photographer Jesh de Rox as a method for helping married couples reconnect.

A Beloved photographer is trained to invite the subjects into an experience by prompting a reconnection through different techniques and to photograph the moments that result from those experiences


I will take you through a series of prompts that will evoke an emotional response

For example with a couple:

Standing two feet away from each other I will have you look deeply into each other’s eyes

and try to to see into the very core of your beings -

Then you will talk about what you saw

For example just one person:

Imagine a dream or hope you have for your life and imagine its realization


A beloved shoot is more about the experience of connecting. It’s a time to let go and just “be”. In this fast paced world, it’s rare to take a moment to just appreciate what you have and truly take it all in. During this session you will take the time to appreciate the things that are most important to you.


You are a good candidate for a Beloved Session if:

you are looking for images that are emotional and moving and

you are wanting to connect with your inner self, or your significant other on a deeper level


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