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    Welcome! I'm Kim Mallory, a professional photographer and mentor. I am passionate about creating art and teaching empowerment and self acceptance through business and The Beautiful Woman Project.

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Just for Today

Two weeks ago I volunteered my time for the Beautiful You Girl’s Glamour Night Event.  A night of make-overs, gifts, food, fun and professional photos for young women that battle cancer.  On this night I watched many people come together to create a magical night for 13 young women.  We laughed, we cried, we hugged and together we made a big impact by each giving just a little bit.

I’m blessed.  I’m blessed to have had this opportunity.  I’m blessed to know these girls and to help them see what I see in the face of adversity.   A quiet strength that I can’t even begin to describe; but I know I captured.   As a photographer it’s easy for me to take for granted what I do and how my work can make a difference but I see it here… and for that I’m grateful.

All this was made possible by Arbonne who donated $10,000 in cash and gifts.  I knew I loved the products and I know the people are amazing and now I’ve fallen in love with what this company does for others.  I’m happy.  I can’t even believe I found a little business in Arbonne that gives me so much joy. To be on this path allows me to give back, be inspired and make a difference.

When all was said and done there were make-up artist’s, beautiful wigs & clothes, food, corporate gifts, a room at the Vancouver Hotel & Tiffany’s bringing their diamonds in for the girls to wear in their photos and a room filled with happiness.

When I was thinking of what to write for the blog – “just for today” kept popping into my head…    I found this quote…

“Just for Today, I will be Unafraid.

Especially I will not be afraid to be Happy,

to enjoy what is Beautiful, to love and to believe.”

Thanks Claus, Miel, Diana & Kristina for being the type of people *I* strive to be.  You are a joy to be around and I’m thankful to be on this journey with you.  xo





Yes.  Blogging sucks.  I’ve been at this for GAWD, 8 Years now?  How long have we had the internet?  I dunno.  When did it start controlling our lives? Yeah about that point is when I started to have to blog. The years are becoming a blur of images, stories, sneak peaks, specials, people smiling & happy and families having fun.  I’m pretty sure in all of the websites that I have, there is a book in there somewhere because I think I was able to muster up at least 25 chapters worth of book worthy content..

I wish I could be excited about blogging but let’s face it; who reads this?  Maybe it’s me and I need to write something that is interesting BUT REALLY?  Who’s THAT interesting every week?

Since Google owns the world now we are told we must blog in order to be first page of said Google (formerly the yellow pages).  Not sure what I preferred more.  Paying Yellow pages $999.00 a year for an ad that had my old address & phone number on it or having to blog every week so people don’t think I’m dead!!  I think eventually this blogging thing might just possibly die, but until then, I shall post and apologize that I haven’t posted because “I’ve been busy” when in fact I just had nothing that inspired me at that particular moment in time.

So Google.  Here ya go.  I’m not dead.  I am very much alive and a relatively successful business because I’ve done all you’ve told me to do!!

Love, your slave in blogging.

Oh.  And a post isn’t a post without a photo!

Here’s a picture of a cow.  I like cows.








La Petite Lune {Moms in Business}

What inspires you?
Pinterest! Haha, just kidding (only slightly).
I like to draw inspiration from everything that is around me. Being a mother inspired me the most to really
immerse myself in my arts and crafts, and to start up my own business doing so. I like to put the fun back in functional,
and make the world beautiful in my own way. I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head, it’s hard to choose which
ones to follow through on!
Petite lalune.jpg
Tell us about your business.
Well, it all started with a fruit picking adventure through the Okanagan. My friend and I decided to make and sell hemp
jewelry on the side to make a little extra cash. Nothing much ever came from it, except that it lit a flame in both of us.
For her to travel, and for me, it opened me up to making and sharing my creativity with the world. I came home to get my
stuff in order (like a warm place to sleep during those cold Canadian winter months), and I started off making fork jewelry.
I also met the father of my daughter, Luna, for whom my business is named. When I became pregnant, suddenly, I had a real
reason to make things. I made clothes, toys, gathered photography ideas…Let’s just say I did it all. Nesting was in full
effect for me. Once she was born, I had a lot less time to immerse myself in arts and crafts, but making things for my
daughter (my nephews, and my new neice, as well) gave me the drive, and the practice, I needed to start up my own business.
As of March.2013, I opened up La petite Lune clothing..and I did my first Holiday market in Langley Dec.2013 and had a
wonderful experience! I can’t wait to do more!
What wonderful things does your business offer?
In the fashion world, something I do not enjoy about the business is that something that is deemed beautiful one
day, is ugly the next. I try to make items that are unique, so they reach out and speak to people, so they will love them
forever, and hopefully pass them on to their kids, grand kids, cousins, sisters etc. I want people to pass on the love that
I put into each and every item I make.
I also like to make the process of working with me as easy and enjoyable as possible. I am not a fan of the idea that if
something is broken, throw it out; Or that if you have a problem with a companies product, they are not helpful at all.
That’s why I tell all my customers; If you ever have a problem with an item you purchased from me, do not hesitate to
contact me, and I will fix it, and do my best to make it a pleasant experience.
What is the best thing about being your own boss?
Not having to commute to work! Not being thrown into terrible conditions to work for a slaves wage to spend my hours doing
something I loathe. I do not miss working at a certain thrift shop! The conditions were so dirty, I was throwing up every
day. And one of the managers would harass me that I was pregnant (I was not). It made me feel really poor about myself, and stuck.
I have to say, I do not miss that. Not even a little bit…And I hope if someone is reading this, and they are in a job
like this, they know that there are other options. You just have to have the guts to go after what you want. It’s not easy,
but nothing worth doing ever is. I was lucky enough that I have the opportunity to do what I do.
What challenges have you had to overcome?
Not being too hard on myself! Being able to accept failures with grace, and take it as a learning experience. When I first
started, I was like “Why is this not working for me?” Not giving myself the benefit of the doubt that I was just beginning,
and really had no idea what I was doing. Another one was not taking other people’s harsh words to heart. Having someone
say to you “Do you really expect people to pay that much for THAT?” and not just throw everything in the trash and cry
was really hard. But that taught me, especially on the internet, people will try to bring you down to their level, to feel
as bad as they feel. Because they really can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through, or doing. They have no
idea what it takes to do what you do, because they don’t do it. Some people understand, and some people don’t. And that’s
just the way it is. I’ve learned (and continue to learn) this every day, when I choose to fire up that sewing machine
and bring my ideas to fruition.
What is your favourite indulgence?
Do not let me loose in the art, craft, thrift, or fabric store. Any time I tell my significant other that I am going there, he
rolls his eyes and says “Buy only what you need!”..but he doesn’t bug me too much about it. He knows it makes me
happy. I do the same thing when he says he needs to go buy [insert tool/appliance here].
How do you balance and de-stress?
Writing, meditation, and yoga. Literally, sitting and doing nothing. Just being aware of my being, and sitting in nature.
Focusing on the positive. But a good cup of tea would never be turned down!
What are your future plans for your business, such as growth, or where is it you want to be?
I feel strangely compelled to hang out at farmer’s and craft markets. I enjoy spending my time with people who put their life’s
work into making things that make them happy, and will make other people happy, too. I’m one of those people. This summer
I am going to be bringing my little businesses (Yes…I have more than one) to the markets. You may find me there selling
clothing and accessories, art and photography, or organic heirloom vegetables. I don’t want to put a label on what I want
my business to be, because I would like it to organically change with me, as we grow and learn together.
What words of wisdom do you have for other moms in business?
Every flower blooms in it’s own sweet time. Don’t take opinions or insults to heart. Take it for what it is, learn from it,
and grow from it. And remember…every flower grows in dirt.

2013 – The End. {Kim Mallory – Happy}

Well, as I prepare for Christmas and things start to wind down for us, I get to reflect on the last year –  and it’s been a doozy.   I wish I could say it was amazing and awesome but  it wasn’t.  It was full of  technical problems, emotional strife, learning by mistake, having to be brave, wanting to run away, heartbreaks and tragedy.  But here I sit today feeling safe, respected, connected, happy, energized, joyful, loving and passionate because an amazing thing happened. Adversity brought us together.  We started the year as a stressed family and came out of it closer and more content.  It’s pretty awesome to have people in your life that love and support you and hold your hand and guide you through it all.  That they just know when you need a hug.. and that sometimes a hug is all it’s going to take to get through it…. I am SO blessed for my three girls and my husband.   SO blessed to be able to say if that if we had NOTHING that having each other would be enough.  And this year for Christmas, it’s not going to be about material gifts because we are all past that…  We all KNOW… that it’s not the gifts we need to be thankful for.  It’s our time together that we will spend laughing, talking, baking, playing games, planning parties and appreciating the people that we have in our lives..    My wish is that everyone I know and love can come to have this same peace, love and joy in their lives this holiday season!!  BRING ON 2014!!!